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What did kanye say reddit? ultimate 5 Most Outrageous Things Kanye Said on Reddit

What did kanye say reddit? ultimate 5 Most Outrageous Things Kanye Said on Reddit

What did kanye say reddit? ultimate 5 Most Outrageous Things Kanye Said on Reddit

Explore What did kanye say reddit revelations with our list of the top 5 most absurd things he said. Explore the renowned artist’s thinking as we break down his remarkable moments on the platform, from frank confessions to contentious beliefs. In this eye-opening voyage through Kanye’s Reddit discourse, prepare for a rollercoaster of Kanye wisdom and controversy.”

Kanye West, the self-proclaimed “greatest of all time,” has a protracted and storied history of, let’s consider, unconventional on-line conduct. From his notorious Twitter meltdowns to his Yeezy Season statement rants, Kanye is aware of a way to seize interest and stir the pot. But did that Kanye become additionally an active Reddit person for a while?

That’s proper, among 2015 and 2016, Kanye graced the net’s favorite forum together with his presence, leaving a trail of weird feedback, philosophical musings, and, of path, outrageous pronouncements. While his Reddit account (@yeezytaughtme) is now inactive, the legend of Kanye’s online antics lives on. So, buckle up as we dive into the 5 most outrageous matters Kanye said on Reddit, proving all over again that Yeezy certainly is in a league of his own.

5 Most Outrageous Things What did kanye say reddit

1. “I am the primary most influential artist of all time.”

Humility isn’t Kanye’s sturdy in shape, and this assertion perfectly encapsulates his large-than-lifestyles persona. Posted in a 2015 AMA (Ask Me Anything) consultation, this remark predictably sparked heated debate. While Kanye’s cultural impact is plain, some Redditors took problem together with his self-proclaimed GOAT fame, leading to a hilarious (and slightly unhinged) again-and-forth among Kanye and his on-line audience.

2. “I’m jogging for President in 2020.”

This 2015 bombshell dropped during the identical AMA, leaving anybody thinking if Kanye became severe. Turns out, he kinda, sorta changed into. While he by no means officially filed for candidacy, Kanye’s presidential aspirations became a routine topic in his on line and public persona, culminating in his real 2020 marketing campaign run. Remember the “Kanye 2020” hats and the Wyoming rallies? Yeah, that each one started on Reddit.

3. “I’m going to layout the following iPhone.”

Remember that time whilst Kanye, self-proclaimed tech guru, decided to take on Apple? In a 2016 Reddit put up, Kanye declared his goal to redecorate the iPhone, promising a “more human-targeted” method. While his imaginative and prescient for the future of smartphones remains uncertain, one factor’s for sure: a Kanye-designed iPhone might be, well, interesting.

4. “I’m a fking genius.”**

This one’s a conventional Kanyeism, uttered no longer just on Reddit but across infinite interviews and public appearances. While some would possibly find it arrogant, Kanye’s unwavering perception in his own genius is a part of what makes him so captivating. It’s also a testament to his relentless work ethic and inventive vision.

5. “I’m on a undertaking to store the sector.”

From his spiritual awakening to his presidential aspirations, Kanye has always visible himself as a determine destined for greatness. This 2016 Reddit remark flawlessly encapsulates his messianic complicated, highlighting his notion that he has a higher cause past just making tune and designing sneakers.

These are only some of the various outrageous matters Kanye stated on Reddit. His on line presence was a wild trip, packed with identical parts philosophical insights, bizarre pronouncements, and Kanye being Kanye. While his Reddit account is now inactive, the legacy of his on line antics lives on, reminding us that when it comes to Kanye West, you never understand what to anticipate.

Is He Trolling or Losing It

Kanye West, the ever-controversial rapper and fashion dressmaker, took to Reddit on Friday for a surprise AMA (Ask Me Anything) session. What ensued turned into a chaotic and weird hours that left many fans wondering: turned into Kanye trolling, or is he dropping it?

West’s remarks ranged from the nonsensical to the offensive. He claimed that he’s the “best artist of all time,” that he’s going for walks for president in 2024, and that he has cured AIDS. He also attacked his ex-spouse Kim Kardashian and her circle of relatives, in addition to different celebrities.

Some enthusiasts agree with that Kanye turned into virtually trolling, trying to get a upward thrust out of people. Others are concerned that he’s having a intellectual breakdown. West has a history of intellectual health issues, and he has spoken brazenly about his struggles with bipolar disorder.

Is Kanye West Trolling or Losing It?

It is impossible to mention for positive what Kanye West’s intentions were for the duration of his Reddit AMA. However, his comments were genuinely extraordinary and demanding. If he’s trolling, it’s miles a cruel and harmful way to get attention. If he is having a mental breakdown, he wishes to get help.

What do you believe you studied? Was Kanye West trolling or losing it?

Kanye West’s Reddit AMA was a wild ride, and it’s far certain to be mentioned for days to return. Only time will inform what the lengthy-term results of his online meltdown may be.

In addition to the above, here are some different thoughts on Kanye West’s Reddit AMA:

Whether you love him or hate him, there may be no denying that Kanye West is a captivating determine. His Reddit AMA become just every other bankruptcy in his long and regularly bizarre tale.

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