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Exclusive Danish shipping company halt Operations After String of Attacks 2023

Exclusive Danish shipping company halt Operations After String of Attacks 2023

Exclusive Danish shipping company halt Operations After String of Attacks 2023

Danish shipping company halt operations

The Red Sea remains blocked for all the shipping traffic of the Danish shipping company Maersk.

This decision was made following a series of attacks involving boats launched by the Houthi’s -a rebel group backed by Iran, from a part of Yemen.

It claims it supports Hamas and attacks vessels going to Israel.

One of the world’s major energy transport corridors, the Red Sea.

Later, German transport company Hapag-Lloyd also declared the same action.

The company has an owned vessel attacked this week with its subsequent confirmation of the suspension of activities in the region for monitoring purposes during the following days of this month.

Maersk, one of the world’s biggest shipping companies, said: “Such recent attacks of commercial vessels in this area will be an alarm for everybody because these attacks can put life in danger”.

“Our decision came after two subsequent incidents affecting Marsei Gibraltar and another container ship off Yemen yesterday. We are directing all vessels bound for Bab Al Mandab to suspend operations until futher notice.”

On the other hand, the Bab al-Mandab Strait or “Gate of Tears” – so called due to its treacherous nature – is about twenty nautical miles across.

It lies in-between Yemen on the peninsula of Arabs and Djibouti and Eritrea on coastal Africa.

This is an alternative entry point for ships heading towards the Suez Canal, which is another one of the worlds largest shipping lanes. This means the ships have to steer longer routes for instance; sailing out of southern Africa.

Every year, over 17,000 ships and 10% of world trade pass through it. Any ship traveling to or from the Indian Ocean must pass through Suez.

The suspension of Maersk’s Red Sea shipping voyages “could not have come at a more difficult time,” said Marco Forgione, director general of the Institute of Export & International Trade.

“This impacts every link in the supply chain… and will only increase the chances of critical products not making their destinations in time for Christmas,” he went on to say.

At least two different cargo ships in the strait got here below assault on Friday. The US says one become hit with a drone and every other with the aid of missiles, blaming the Houthis for each attacks.

The Houthis did no longer verify the drone strike, however stated they did hearth missiles at boats.

The institution has controlled elements of Yemen on the grounds that seizing power from the us of a’s government in 2014, triggering an ongoing civil war.

Speaking earlier than the announcements by using Maersk and Hapag-Lloyd, US countrywide safety adviser Jake Sullivan – who is on a ride to the Middle East – stated the Houthis had been threatening freedom of navigation in the Red Sea, that is essential for oil and items shipments.

“The United States is running with the worldwide community, with companions from the place and from all around the global to cope with this danger,” he stated.

Earlier this month, a US warship shot down 3 drones fired from Houthi-managed territory in Yemen after three commercial vessels got here beneath assault within the Red Sea.

Just days before that incident, the US stated any other warship had captured armed guys who had in advance seized an Israeli-linked tanker off Yemen’s coast.

Last month, the Houthis launched video footage displaying armed guys dropping from a helicopter and seizing a shipment deliver inside the southern Red Sea.

The situation is concerning for several reasons:

It’s important to observe that Maersk’s pause is currently in impact till in addition note. The employer will possibly keep to screen the state of affairs closely and update its choice based at the evolving security panorama inside the Red Sea.

Here are some extra points to take into account:

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