Google’s Android Monopoly Faces a Crushing Blow: Epic Games Scores Major Victory in $5 Billion Lawsuit

Google's Android Monopoly Faces a Crushing Blow: Epic Games Scores Major Victory in $5 Billion Lawsuit

Google’s Android Monopoly

In the court of law in the United States, the creator of a famous video game “Fortnite” has managed to win the case against “Google”, and the jury has decided that the company was running an unlawful monopoly.

In 2020, Epic Games took legal action against google claiming that it monopolized Android app stores and prevented other competitors on the market.

It is used by hundreds of millions of those that install the applications in their android-powered smartphones through that store.

Google stated it will appeal the decision.

“Google has a very open approach to the market of Android phones and Google Play. As for the other major mobile platforms – I don’t know about them,” explained Mr. Wilson White, Google’s vice-president of government affairs and public policy.

He furthermore stated that “the trial revealed that we are at loggerheads with Apple and its own App Store as well as mobile application stores on Android devices and home game consoles”.

Our company shall always safeguard android market methodology and be loyal for all users, partners, along with the overall android community.

Work on remedies, according to Tim Sweeney Epic CEO, will begin come January.

According to Tim Sweeney, Epic’s CEO, “after four weeks of detailed court proceedings and courtroom testimony by both sides, a California Jury ruled that Google Play was guilty on all accounts.”

In this over one-month long trial, the two sides’ lawyers provided their closing arguments on Monday.

As noted in a court filing, jurors voted with one voice concluding that Epic was right on all issues counted.

In addition, the case sought to prohibit transaction fees of up to 30% that are charged by Google on Android app developers and the fact that Google links its Google App Store and pay bill service thereby requiring developers to utilize the two to distribute their apps

As a result, the verdict may allow developers more control over how their apps are distributed and how they make money from them.

Google says that its commissions are industry-competitive, and that it offers additional benefits such as reach, transaction security, and malware prevention.

However, if the verdict is upheld, Google may be forced to enable more app shops onto Android-powered smartphones, as well as losing money from in-app sales.

What is the size of Google’s Play Store?

One of the biggest app stores in the world which goes head on with the Apple’s App store is Google Play Store.

Around 70%, in fact, are the smart phones that use android. From epic games it is said that over 95% of these applications go through the play shop.

Although this shop does not make as much money for the tech giant as its profitable search business, it provides Google with an access point to billions of mobile devices and tablet computers.

In the Epic’s suit, Epic stated that Google suppresses innovation and choice by web of secretive illegal deals.

During the period of the trial, many indications showed that Google was ready to pay up to billions of dollar to extinguish the alternative app store by enticing developers to get rid of their own store endeavors as well as direct distribution strategies and providing the extremely profitting bargains

When Epic sued Google for monopolization, Google, in turn, countersued for damages claiming Epic breached its developer agreement.

The company has been involved in several antitrust lawsuits and paid out before the beginning of the Epic trial on similar claims made by dating app Match.

In 2020, Epic filed an antitrust case similar to that against Apple in court, and at large, the US judge ruled in favor of Apple in 2021.

“This is a clear indication of how urgent it is that there should be legislations that focus on dealing with Apple and Google’s stranglehold over smart phones,” stated Epic Games.

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