GTA 6 Trailer Drops: Rockstar Games Unveils Shocking New Gameplay Footage

GTA 6 Trailer Drops: Rockstar Games Unveils Shocking New Gameplay Footage

They are just almost done with waiting for the GTA 6 and Rockstar has released a trailer revealing some details about the game for them.

The man leads Lucia in this crime story set in Vice City – a city which has been inspired by Miami.

After it leaked online, Rockstar revealed trailer 15 hours ahead of schedule.

It anticipates a release in 2025 and fans still have to wait for playing.

It is the next major installment that follows up on Grand Theft Auto V, which was the second best selling video game after that of Minecraft coming out in 2013.

For over ten years, gossip and innuendos have circulated regarding GTA VI.

In fact, nothing more than stating that a trailer was coming would be enough to induce headlines across the globe in November among eager for any news fans.

GTA emerged in Dundee in 1997 under DMA Design that was afterwards renamed Rockstar.

In the House of Lords, questions were asked even as regards the violence included in the first one’s game.

As can be seen in the trailer, there are various scenes of Americans driving race cars, partying in yachts, and one even dragging an alligator out of a swimming pool – all accompanied by Love is A Long Road song by Tom Petty.

Grand Theft Auto VI looks set to contain the kind of content that has proved controversial in the past
Grand Theft Auto VI looks set to contain the kind of content that has proved controversial in the past

The chairman of gaming media firm Network N called it the time it took to come as perhaps due to GTA V’s success with already selling 190 million copies worldwide.

“It is among the largest games in the globe that has been continued now through a game known as GTA Online where you steal banks and develop gangs,” he added.

That is, it’s been at the play charts as no 1 most weeks now for Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

It will cost billion and that means it is going to be huge. That is going to create the most expensive game of all times.

The gaming giant’s former president, Sam Houser had announced that the game’s trailer would be released in December as part of the company’s 25th-anniversary celebrations.

In addition, Rockstar has recently entered into an agreement with Netflix for some of its games to be available on Netflix’s gaming catalog.

On 14 December, Netflix subscribers with a mobile device can view their loved GTA 3/ San Andreas /Vice City in succession.

About gta 6 leaks

There was a huge leak of GTA 6 data and materials. More than 90 videos and screenshots were leaked that depicted elements of the game.

leaked image of GTA 6 gameplay
leaked image of GTA 6 gameplay

What the Leaks Reveal

The leaks have revealed several key details about GTA 6, including:

  • The stage for it is placed on fictional representation of the city Miami and its neighbourhoods.
  • The game will feature two protagonists: a male and a female.
  • Additions to the playing style include climbing and swimming for example.
  • The game will be set in a vast world, offering a lot of things for gamers to do.

Rockstar Games’ Response

Rockstart Games has not made comment about those leaks, however they did confirm that it’s real footage and assets. Furthermore, the company has declared that they are considering these leaks very seriously and are pursuing the people who are behind them.

Spoiler Alert: What to expect in GTAVI.

The leaks suggest that GTA 6 could be one of the most ambitious projects in the gaming industry. One of the most awaited game ever!

Here are some of the things we can expect from GTA 6:

  • Stunning graphics: Given the visual prowess, GTA will probably deploy recent graphics tools to build an exciting environment in the game.
  • Immersive gameplay: The latest GTA 6 would probably contain an array of innovative playing scenarios, which will be far better than the last series.
  • A huge open world: In all likelihood, GTA 6 will feature one large open world that offers many engaging options for gamers’ leisure time.


It is quite difficult at this point to predict that how the game of GTA 6 will be. But, from the leaks, one can perceive that Rockstar Games seeks to develop an epic masterpiece.

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