Jezebel, the Best Iconic Feminist Blog, Set for a Revival After 8-Year Hiatus

Jezebel, the Best Iconic Feminist Blog, Set for a Revival After 8-Year Hiatus

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Last week, Jezebel, a feminist website that closed down early in January, was purchased by a new buyer.

Paste media, well-known in covering music issues, announced that it would take over the brand and relaunch shortly.

It heralds yet another comeback by a web property that was launched onto the Gawker scene back in 2007, subsequently undergoing multiple rounds of ownership.

When its parent company, new-age private equity-owned G/O Media disclosed the announcement of the impending closure last week, they cited “economic headwinds”.

In fact, at that moment, chief executive Jim Spanfeller stated the firm had consulted up to twenty-four prospective bidders without any positive outcomes, however, he still wished for a sale to take place.

Speaking on behalf of his company, Mr. Spanfeller stated as follows: “It is over eight months since we have worked toward sell out in this Jezebel deal for us, and it’s great to see our product in a new home.”

For 16 years, the demise of a jezebel had been eulogized and mounted by readers who found it to be instrumental in giving birth to the sharp personal style which is a hallmark of most contemporary digital magazines.

It was The New York Times which initially reported on the sale.

The founder-editor-in-Chief of paste, Joz Jackson said that the notion that there was no jezebel in existence did not sound at all reasonable.

“When I learned that it had closed down, I was very excited to assist in bringing it back to action,”

Terms of the all-cash deal for the emblem – which does now not currently have any workforce – were now not disclosed.

“We want to rent an editor-in-leader and that they want to rent brilliant editors and writers,” Mr Jackson stated. “We hope to begin publishing new tales very, very soon.”

Paste also purchased Splinter, a political information website that G/O close down in 2019.

The turmoil for Jezebel comes as adjustments in online advertising and marketing, in which spending is more and more going to tech giants which includes Amazon, Google and Meta, have wreaked havoc on many media agencies, massive and small.

Paste turned into founded via Mr. Jackson with pals within the Atlanta place greater than a long time in the past.

The magazine became acquired with the aid of Wolfgang, a music agency in 2011, and is now absolutely virtual.

“We’ve weathered all sorts of modifications inside the media panorama and we’re still here,” Mr Jackson said.

“I’m assured we can be a solid home for Jezebel, a website that’s averaged more than 3 million customers a month this yr.”

What does jezebel meaning

The phrase “Jezebel” has a complicated and multifaceted that means, with both high quality and bad connotations.

Positive Associations:

In the Bible, Jezebel is the call of a Phoenician princess who marries Ahab, king of Israel. She is portrayed as a robust and unbiased lady who is not afraid to undertaking the repute quo. She is also a skilled politician and businesswoman. Jezebel is a controversial discern, but she is likewise popular by many for her electricity and independence.

Negative Associations:

In extra present day usage, the word “Jezebel” is frequently used as a pejorative term to describe a girl who is taken into consideration to be promiscuous, manipulative, or deceitful. This negative association is likely because of the manner that Jezebel is portrayed in the Bible, wherein she is blamed for the downfall of Ahab’s nation.

Overall Meaning:

The phrase “Jezebel” has a extensive variety of meanings, from a sturdy and unbiased girl to a promiscuous, manipulative lady. The precise meaning of the phrase will rely upon the context wherein it is used.

In the context of the Jezebel internet site, the call is probable intended to rouse a sense of strength, independence, and controversy. The internet site was recognized for its provocative and often arguable content material, and it become regularly praised for its willingness to challenge the status quo.

Here are a few additional matters to maintain in mind approximately the phrase “Jezebel”:

  • The word is often utilized in a hyperbolic or exaggerated way.
  • The word may be offensive to some human beings, so it is crucial to apply it cautiously.
  • The word has a special meaning in distinctive cultures.

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