Russian Carlsberg beer Executives Detained Following Unprecedented State $2 Billion Seizure of Brewery Giant

Russian Carlsberg beer Executives Detained Following Unprecedented State $2 Billion Seizure of Brewery Giant

The boss of Carlsberg beer Russian commercial enterprise and a pinnacle manager were arrested after the Kremlin took control of the beer company inside the us.

The managers of Carlsberg’s Russian affiliate Baltika Breweries, Denis Sherstennikov and Anton Rogachevsky, were taken into custody on Wednesday..

It comes after Carlsberg terminated its business in Russia ultimate month because of the state taking on Baltika in July.

The pair are accused of fraud, however Carlsberg branded the allegations faux.

“It is appalling that the efforts of the Russian kingdom to justify their illegal takeover of our commercial enterprise in Russia has now advanced into focused on harmless personnel,” the company stated in a press release.

It added the protection of its personnel, together with the ones in Russia, “has constantly been our main priority” and said it’d “do what we can to assist the personnel below those hard circumstances”.

Last month, the boss of Carlsberg, Jacob Aarup-Andersen, said the Kremlin had “stolen our enterprise in Russia”.

The Danish brewer was in the method of promoting Baltika Breweries as it seemed to go away the Russian market, before the government seized control of the organization.

Following the arrests, Carlsberg said: “Up till the creation of outside control by using the Russian nation, Baltika has acted in accordance with the regulation and the rules guiding all agencies in the Carlsberg Group.”

The BBC is aware that investigators alleged that Mr Sherstennikov and Mr Rogachevsky acquired intellectual property rights for the organizations Carlsberg Kazakhstan and Vista BWay Co, which previously belonged to Baltika, “thru deception”.

According to their LinkedIn profiles, Mr Sherstennikov is Baltika Breweries’ leader executive and previously worked for the Carlsberg Group for eight years. Mr Rogachevsky’s profile says he is the vp criminal.

Investigators in St Petersburg claim the rights, which are estimated to be well worth extra than 295 million roubles (£2.65m), enabled Baltika to deliver its merchandise to Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Mongolia and Belarus.

Baltika produces some of the maximum recognizable beer brands in Russia, with eight,400 employees across 8 vegetation, according to Carlsberg’s website.

Brands owned by means of the group consist of Kronenbourg 1664, Tuborg, Brooklyn and Somersby cider.

But because the invasion of Ukraine in February last yr, many Western businesses have come beneath pressure to depart Russia and close down operations.

As Carlsberg regarded to promote its Russian commercial enterprise, the Kremlin took manipulate of Baltika in July underneath an order signed by means of President Vladimir Putin. Moscow introduced rules in advance this year allowing it to seize the property of companies from “unfriendly” international locations.

Carlsberg introduced in October that it had informed Baltika that it had terminated all of its license agreements to produce, marketplace and promote its merchandise within the u . S . A ., however added there would be a run-off duration until 1 April 2024 at the same time as current stock is used up.

However, the BBC is familiar with Baltika appealed to the arbitration courtroom with a request to prohibit Carlsberg from terminating the licensing agreement.

Mr Aarup-Andersen previously said the agency refused to go into right into a deal with the Russian government that “somehow justifies them taking up our business illegally”.

About Russian Carlsberg beer

Carlsberg is a Danish brewing company, and it isn’t always in the beginning Russian. However, there may be confusion because of the fact that Carlsberg has a presence in diverse countries, which includes Russia. Carlsberg Group, considered one of the biggest brewing corporations within the global, operates in severa markets globally.

In Russia, Carlsberg has a massive presence and operates through its subsidiary Baltika Breweries. Baltika Breweries was firstly a Russian brewery based in 1990, and it have become part of the Carlsberg Group in 2008 whilst Carlsberg acquired a controlling stake.

The popular Carlsberg beer brand is produced and sold in Russia thru Baltika Breweries. The brewery produces a range of beer products, which includes distinctive versions and patterns under the Carlsberg brand.

It’s worth noting that the beer market in Russia is various, with numerous local and international brands available. Carlsberg’s presence in Russia displays the global nature of the beer enterprise, where principal brewing corporations perform in various countries to satisfy the alternatives of nearby clients.

Exploring the Carlsberg Beer Range

Embracing Diversity: From Lagers to Specialty Brews

Carlsberg caters to a diverse palate, imparting a wide range of beers to match every flavor. Whether you savor the crispness of a traditional lager or are trying to find the ambitious flavors of a forte brew, Carlsberg has a lager crafted only for you. Let’s discover a number of their signature offerings:

  1. Carlsberg Pilsner
    The flagship Carlsberg Pilsner is a testament to the emblem’s commitment to traditional brewing. With a really perfect balance of malt and hops, this golden elixir can provide a fresh flavor that has stood the check of time.
  2. Carlsberg Elephant
    For people who appreciate a bolder taste profile, the Carlsberg Elephant offers a robust and full-bodied enjoy. Its better alcohol content material and distinct character make it a favourite amongst beer connoisseurs.
  3. Carlsberg Special Brew
    For special activities or the ones looking for a greater excessive flavor journey, the Carlsberg Special Brew boasts a better ABV (alcohol by way of volume) and a wealthy, complex flavor that units it aside from the gang.

Finding Carlsberg Beer Near me

As a lager enthusiast, the hunt for an appropriate brew regularly includes coming across where you may delight in your favorite Carlsberg beer. Here are a few effective hints for locating Carlsberg beer near you:

Local Bars and Pubs

Explore your local bars and pubs, as many establishments proudly characteristic Carlsberg on their beer menus. Engage with the group of workers, inquire about their beer selection, and appreciate the pleasant offerings at your neighborhood watering hollow.

Liquor Stores and Specialty Shops

Expand your search to neighborhood liquor shops and area of expertise beer shops. Carlsberg’s popularity guarantees its presence in loads of stores. Keep a watch out for promotions or special releases that could elevate your beer-consuming revel in.

Online Retailers

In the digital age, the ease of online buying extends to beer fanatics. Explore on-line outlets and beer delivery services that may carry the arena of the beer directly to your doorstep. Be certain to check for nearby delivery alternatives for a swift and problem-unfastened revel in.


The secret to achieving the ideal beer experience is to explore and appreciate. Every event may be accommodated by the variety of flavors Carlsberg offers, ranging from the traditional Pilsner to the robust Elephant and Special Brew.

When searching for the greatest Carlsberg beer in your area, don’t forget to check out nearby establishments, interact with the lively beer scene, and enjoy every taste with discriminating pleasure. Let’s toast to exploring the world of Carlsberg, where each beer narrates a story of quality and pleasure.

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