Exclusive Optus Outage Disrupts Lives of Millions,12 hours of disruption

Optus Outage Disrupts Lives of Millions,12 hours of disruption

After an Optus outage in the network facility provided by telecoms company Optus, millions of Australians had no access to mobile or Internet.

That failure resulted in transport delays, disconnected hospital phone connections, and shutdown of financial channels.

Almost ten million people as well thousands of business affected Optus, country‘s second largest provider.

After approximately 12 hours of service interruption, services were restored. However, Optus claimed that there was nothing to indicate a cyber attack.

According to the company, it was a “technical network fault”, and they required more time for further investigation.

Wednesday’s disruption was reported around 04: 00 (17:00 GMT). It took until around 18: In order for the services to get to reestablish, they will have to use 00.

The CEO of the company Kelly Bayer Rosmarin commented that nothing was still clear about reasons for that.

It rendered people Australia wide unable to access 000 (emergency) service or any other critical helpline, for a short time it even affected train services within Victoria State.

The disruption affected the Australian Football League match between Brisbane Lions and Melbourne Demons at The Gabba
The disruption affected the Australian Football League match between Brisbane Lions and Melbourne Demons at The Gabba

Other providers such as Amaysim, Aussie Broadband, Moose Mobile among others were also affected by the failures.

According to an Optus client, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, she could not get news concerning her father’s oncological status.

She added that “I’m just waiting for result and yet even these I cannot have.”

Another customer Annie said that her radio had informed her of this when her pet’s home feeder didn’t work through the Wi-Fi.

Ms Rosmarin apologized for the network failure, telling ABC News: We cannot give more specifications until we have completed and analyzed all the roots of this problem.

So far, all I can say is that there were some technical problems between networks, which our technicians are working on non-stop to ensure that our services fully come back online

Additionally, she denied union assertions that 600 job losses were partially to blame.

“I don’t think that that’s at all related,” she replied. “We’re very sorry that this occurred and we will take all the learnings.”

Due to a cyberattack, the corporation experienced what was deemed to be the largest data breach in Australian history last year.

About Optus Outage

One of the telecommunication companies in Australia, Optus. It is among the biggest communication companies in the country, providing many services like the mobile and land line phones, Internet, and television. Optus was first a government run company instituted in 1981 and privatized during the 1990s’ decade.

Optus today is under Singtel which is a global multi-national Telecom company with its headquarters in Singapore. Optus is one of the largest providers of telecoms services offering competition for other big companies like Telstra and Vordafone with millions of customers within Australia.

Optus provides many options and bundles for mobile phones, home broadband, and entertainment. Apart from this, they run an extensive network of retail outlets and are highly visible on their website for client queries about assistance.

About Optus Network

The term network of optus also means the telecommunication services offered by optus which is one of the largest telecommunication company in Australia. Here are some key aspects of the Optus Network:

Mobile Network: Optus’ mobile network covers the entirety of Australia. The firm offers mobile phone services to tens of millions of users across urban, sub-urban as well as rural regions. It offers three generations of mobile technology namely 3G, 4G and 5G for voice calls, messaging and high speed data services.

Coverage and Reach: Optus has put huge funds into building up its network base in order to service as much places as possible. Coverage at this level extends to cities and towns, as well as most rural regions across Australia.

Technology Evolution: This network has evolved with time to become even more superior. # Such is the case with the deployment of a 4G LTE (long-term evolution) technology offering increased data speeds and better network management. Moreover, Optus has been constantly installing 5G facilities for an enhanced ultra-fast and reliable mobile communications.

Fixed-Line Services: Aside from mobile services, Optus also provides fixed line telephony and broadband internet services. These services include ADSL, VDSL, Cable and Fiber-Optic connectivity for home users and enterprises.

Internet Services: Optus offers different kinds of internet packages including NBN (National Broadband Network) packages for faster network connections. This offers a variety of packages that provide varying data allowances and speed for diverse customer requirements.

Entertainment Services: In addition, it sells the entertainment services like Optus Tv with fetch that has numerous channels and on demand content. Streaming is also among their areas of partnership with content providers.

Customer Support and Service: Optus provides its customers with various service channels such as customer service centers, retail shops, and online support which enables them to respond to customer queries, technical complaints, among others regarding their services.

Network Investments: Also as most big telecoms do, Optus is always investing in improving its network equipment to cope with increasing demand from users.

Partnerships: The company works in collaboration with several technology vendors and companies in an attempt to improve service delivery and create new offers. Partnerships may range from sharing of content, technological solutions or even optimizing networks.

Therefore, readers are advised to refer to Optus official information or website and acknowledge the current details about Optus Network’s offers, coverage, as well as technologies.


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