Facebook and Instagram Launch Ad-Free Subscription Tier in EU for Best €10/Month

Facebook and Instagram Launch Ad-Free Subscription Tier in EU for Best €10/Month

Ad-Free Subscription Tier in EU for Best €10/Month

Unlock an Ad-Free Subscription on Facebook & Instagram in EU for Just €10/Month! Say Goodbye to Annoying Ads Today. 🚀

The majority of countries in Europe will soon see pay versions of Facebook and Instagram that will be free of advertising.

Customers will also be charged a monthly fee of €9.99 (£8.72) for an ad-free experience by people using the Meta-owned platforms. It will not be sold in the UK.

In January, EU slapped Meta $474m fine over its breach of EU data rules on advertising.

At that point, the firm would be not allowed to “force consent” arguing that consumers can move away the platforms once there are doubts about their data.

From November, it will be on a subscription basis only available to people in the EU area, EEA as well as Switzerland.

However, it will initially be restricted for persons aged eighteen and above until the company finds a way of delivering EU ads of such content without breaching the laws for minors’ protection.

That aside, META added that it saw its new subscription as addressing some of the EU’s concerns as opposed to a cash in move.

“We support free internet that provides affordable personalized goods and services irrespective of socioeconomic status,” the company said on its blog.

It is balanced because it lets Meta continue serving everybody in the EU, EEA and Switzerland by offering users choice as well as option for people to buy a subscription for no ads.

We acknowledge the essence and the sense of emerging EU directives, and we follow them.

They can choose whether to continue having access to the platform with targeted advertising, where their data is collected for monetising purposes; or they may remove targeted advertising and pay to totally eliminate their data being collected and monetised.

However, they could have to pay more than the first monthly charge.

If paid for on iOS or Android, the service will cost an extra €3 a month to cover the additional costs collected by these platforms.

However, by purchasing the platform through the Facebook and Instagram websites as opposed to the mobile apps, this additional cost can be avoided.

Users will have to pay extra starting in March 2024 for any additional account they have on the platforms, such as a personal and business account.

The news follows the launch of an ad-free Premium+ service by Elon Musk’s X, formerly Twitter, for £16 a month.

On X, there’s also a far more affordable subscription plan that offers the ability to modify posts along with the usual premium tier that comes with a blue checkmark and other perks.

Additionally, TikTok has been testing a $4.99 monthly membership to remove commercials. However, there is currently no word on when this will be made available internationally.

Reason why Ad-Free Subscription Tier in EU for €10/Month

There are several reasons why Facebook and Instagram launched an ad-free subscription tier in the EU for €10/month:

  • To comply with EU regulations. The EU Court of justice stated in july 2023 that Meta need to seek users consent to provide tailored ads. The argument of privacy advocators against Meta’s data collection has been affirmed through this decision which saw Meta losing.
  • To give users more choice. With reference to its subscription tier, Meta has commented that this is a result of “evolving european regulation” which aims at providing users with more options and control towards their experience.
  • To generate revenue. The company is largely dependent on advertising as a source of income. Nevertheless, there is growing pressure to the company from TikTok which is an emerging social media platform. Ad-free subscription tier would allow Meta to make more money from its current user base and attract additional new users.

However, it should be noted that the subscription tier is only available in the EU for now. There is also uncertainty on whether Meta will introduce the subscription plan in other markets.

The introduction of this ad-free tier marks major shift in Meta operations. This illustrates that the enterprise is keen on exploring fresh approaches for adding income as well as enhancing user input into the overall performance of its products or services. 

The question still remains whether the subscription tier will work, but this certainly showcases the fact that Meta aims to deal with these concerns by users and regulators.

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