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Top 10 Best US Airports for Cheap Domestic Flights in 2023

Top 10 US Best Airports for Cheap Domestic Flights in 2023

Top 10 US Best Airports for Cheap Domestic Flights in 2023

Uncover the Ultimate List: Top 10 Best US Airports for Affordable Domestic Travel in 2023! Find Your Gateway to Savings Today! 🛫✈️

We know cheap flights at Going. It’s kind of our thing. We dedicate numerous hrs each week looking for the most affordable tickets out of close to 200 United States locales.

In 2020, in the middle of the year, we started doing it for internal flights, and already today we have helped thousands more people with these options inside country at the price starting with $29 per round trip (no — this is not Spirit). 

None are the deals we do not send since no long and tough layover and bad airline that have several fees. On the other hand, we are the best bargain for our members who on average save more than two hunreddollar ($200, and quite often – much more – per the domestic trips).

Naturally, all we do is provide our members with the best offers, while it happens that certain airports host a higher number of flight specials than others. 

The frequency at which deals present itself depends on factors such as number of airliners that land at the airport and the level of competition in flight routes emanating from the same airport.

For this reason, we crunched the numbers to determine which airports serve as the best places for members to discover more opportunities and which of these airports are the top ones amongst the major airports. 

Therefore, we considered several major international outlets where Going members purchased discounted local flights in the course of a year after departures out of Metro zones having over 700,000 residents.

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Here are the results.

As a premium member, you must be near some of the best airports whereby you get about 2 – 3 domestic economy deals on a weekly basis. 

However, if this is one of the worst, you may not be confined to paying too much on domestic airfare. Under each of the “worst” airports, we discuss how to get more—and better—domestic economy class flight deals without migrating to another city.

The Best US Airports for Cheap Domestic Flights

Every week, on average, two to three bargains are sent by each of our top 10 airports to Premium members who travel from them.

Your home airport might still be a great place to find deals even if it isn’t among the top 10.

We consistently locate a few domestic economy deals every week at the following airports: New Orleans (MSY), Phoenix (PHX), Houston (IAH), Philadelphia (PHL), Nashville (BNA), Boston (BOS), Portland (PDX), and Miami (MIA).

While airports like Tulsa (TUL) and Memphis (MEM) see 1-2 domestic economy class discounts every month, even locations lower down the list, like Cleveland (CLE) and Boise (BOI), typically get at least one or two bargains per week.

10. Phoenix (PHX)

The busiest airport in the United States and the largest in Arizona is Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. In fact, American Airlines is actively investing in its PHX network, adding two new routes: one to Pasco, Washington, which will expand service in the Tri-Cities area of Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland; and another to Tijuana, Mexico, in February 2024. It is a focus city for Southwest Airlines and the sixth-largest hub for American Airlines. With this, Phoenix will have more than 100 nonstop destinations.

Previous deal examples leaving PHX:

9. Seattle (SEA)

Alaska Airlines, which flies frequently to and from Alaska, Hawaii, and other destinations in the West and Pacific Northwest, is one of the airlines that uses Seattle as a hub for Delta. The opening of Paine Field (PAE) contributes to more competition and lower ticket prices.

Sample previous agreements leaving SEA:

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8. Orlando (MCO)

With roughly nine domestic agreements every month, Orlando International Airport is without a doubt the hub for Florida’s international deals, however both Miami and Orlando have a fair volume of international deals passing through their airports.

In addition to being a focal city for Frontier Airlines, MCO serves as an operational base for Avelo Airlines, JetBlue, Southwest Airlines, and Spirit Airlines, as well as a hub for Silver Airways. (Since Spirit and Frontier are low-cost airlines, we don’t give out bargains on them; but, their existence helps drive down costs overall, which is good news for those trying to book a cheap ticket across MCO’s 104 nonstop US destinations.)

Sample previous agreements leaving MCO:

7.  Chicago O’Hare (ORD)

Chicago’s high ranking on our list is not surprising given that it is the fourth busiest airport in the US, a significant hub for American Airlines and United Airlines, and a focal city for Frontier Airlines and Spirit. It also doesn’t hurt to have a little rivalry from the adjacent Midway Airport (MDW).

Although Southwest has a clear advantage at MDW, in recent years it has also started offering service from ORD, which has continued to drive down domestic fares and guarantee that the bargains won’t end anytime soon.

Examples of previous sales leaving ORD:

6. Boston (BOS)

The top airport for bargains on the East Coast is Boston, which is the largest airport in New England. It even beats even the airports in the Washington, DC, and New York metropolitan areas, which are usually better for deals abroad.

In addition to being a focal city for JetBlue, Boston Logan serves as a hub for Cape Air, which operates flights across the Northeast, including to Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, and Bar Harbor, and for Delta.

Past deal examples leaving BOS:

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5. Austin (AUS)

The person who once stated, “Everything is bigger in Texas,” was obviously thinking of plans to expand Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.

The airport is already expediting its construction program in anticipation of exceeding estimates by around ten years.

Austin is less well-known than its nearby Texas airports, Dallas/Fort Worth, the largest hub for American Airlines, and Houston, the hub for United Airlines.

Because ABIA is an unofficial hub for American and Southwest, it is not yet plagued by astronomically high fares brought on by a single airline’s monopoly on the airport. In summary, Austin is presently in a prime location for great bargains.

Typical previous agreements leaving Australia:

4. Denver (DEN)

In terms of passengers, DEN is the third-busiest airport in the United States. You can go almost anywhere in the US with just one stop or less because to its hub status for both United and Frontier Airlines as well as its base for Southwest Airlines.

The competition among the airlines also keeps costs low and special offers regular.

Sample previous agreements leaving DEN:

3. Las Vegas (LAS)

The busiest US airport that isn’t used as a hub by one of the three US legacy carriers—Delta, United, or American—is Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas.

It serves as a base for several airlines, including Allegiant Air, Frontier Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Spirit Airlines, and others; however, we exclusively send our customers bargains on Southwest.

Nevertheless, the fact that Vegas is a well-liked travel destination guarantees that the airport has enough domestic carriers and routes to stay competitive and that there are regular discounts.

Sample previous agreements leaving LAS:

2. San Francisco (SFO)

SFO is the US’s fourteenth busiest airport, the second busiest in California after LAX, and the fifth-biggest hub for United Airlines.

Deals are kept regular by the existence of other Bay Area airports, particularly Oakland, which serves as the hub for Southwest flights.

Previous examples of deals leaving SFO:

1. Los Angeles (LAX)

It should come as no surprise to any Premium member based in Los Angeles that this is turning out to be the greatest place to find regular domestic offers.

More airlines use this airport as a hub or focus city than any other in the US, making it the fifth busiest in the country and among the busiest in the world. It serves as a center city for JetBlue and Southwest as well as a hub for American, Alaska, Delta, and United.

In addition, the rivalry from the surrounding airports (ONT, SNA, BUR, and LGB) drives down bargain costs and increases the frequency of rate decreases.

Past transaction examples leaving LAX:

These are the best 10 Airports in US hope you like that

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