Foxconn: Exclusive China Investigates Taiwan-Based Maker of 200,000 iPhones Per Day

Foxconn: Exclusive China Investigates Taiwan-Based Maker of 200,000 iPhones Per Day

Taiwan-Based Maker of 200,000 iPhones Per Day

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Foxconn, a Taiwan-based manufacturer of iPhones, is the subject of a Chinese probe, according to state media in China.

Officials allegedly performed tax checks at Foxconn businesses in two Chinese regions, according to The Global Times, which cited unnamed sources.

Foxconn declares that it will assist with the inquiry.

One of the largest employers in the world, the firm is the main producer of iPhones for US tech giant Apple.

The Natural Resources Department of China reportedly conducted on-site examinations into the usage of land by significant Foxconn enterprises in the provinces of Henan and Hubei, according to The Global Times.

In a statement, Hon Hai Technology Group (Foxconn) stated that “Legal compliance everywhere we operate around the world is a fundamental principle of Hon Hai Technology Group.”

“We will actively cooperate with the relevant units on the related work and operations,” said the statement.

Terry Gou, the creator of Foxconn, is a contender in Taiwan’s upcoming January presidential election as an independent.

Given that tensions between Taiwan and China have risen over the past year, it is anticipated that the election will have a substantial impact on that relationship.

The presidential candidates have outlined their various plans for how to react as Beijing’s claims over the self-governing island have become more adamant.

Based on his years of experience working in China, Mr. Gou has positioned himself as an alternative to the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), which is viewed as antagonistic to Beijing.

But when he declared his candidacy, he stated that he was not afraid of China: “If the Chinese Communist party regime were to threaten to seize your assets from Foxconn if you don’t listen to me, I would say “Yes, please, do it!” “

After declaring his candidacy for president in September, he gave up his position on the board of Foxconn. When he declared his first run for president in 2019, he handed up control of the business but kept a 12.5% ownership share in Foxconn.

At the time, he belonged to the Kuomintang (KMT), a significant political party in Taiwan that is regarded as being friendly to Beijing.

According to The Global Times, “many people” in Taiwan believe Foxconn is under investigation as a result of Mr. Gou’s presidential campaign.

A Chinese expert’s statement that the probe “is normal and legitimate, as any company goes through tax inspections,” was included in the state-run paper.

Experts were also quoted by The Global Times as saying that the investigation may have an impact on the elections and that “if the secessionists who seek ‘Taiwan independence’ win the elections, that would be a huge disaster to the peace and stability of the region, and the Chinese people of both sides of the Taiwan Straits, including the ones in the business circle, should work together to prevent disaster from happening.”

Beijing is adamant that countries cannot have formal diplomatic links with both China and Taiwan, hence Taiwan only has a small number of countries. Despite just having diplomatic ties with China, the US continues to be Taiwan’s most vital ally.

Others contend that China is using the investigation to retaliate against the US for its sanctions by focusing on one of its largest corporations, Apple.

According to Rachel Winter, investment partner at Killik & Co., “it does feel like this might be a bit of a retaliation to the US sanctions.”

“The US has imposed a lot of sanctions on China to try and limit their technological capabilities and it does feel that by going after Foxconn they will be harming Apple which is one of the US’s most successful companies.”

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