Save Money on Your Next Flight: How to Set Google Flights Alerts in 2023

Save Money on Your Next Flight: How to Set Google Flights Alerts in 2023

Unlock the Secret to Massive Flight Savings in 2023! Learn How to Set Up Google Flights Alerts and Jet Off for Less

How to Set Google Flights Alerts in 2023

The option to track prices and get a flight alert when the price of your tracked travel changes is one of the many fantastic features of Google Flights.

This feature comes with some restrictions. First off, they usually warn you with a slight wait rather than immediately.

Therefore, it’s doubtful that a flight alert will spot a mistake fare—an airline discount that is far lower than what was intended—and notify you in time for you to book it before it vanishes.

Second, you can only establish a flight alert for a certain trip, and they actually only function if you have a fixed destination and dates.

For instance, you cannot create a September alert for the entire continent of Europe. Thus, there are more effective ways to learn about a good price, if all you’re after is the lowest fare and your travel dates are open.

However, setting up alerts on Google Flights is a terrific method to keep track of the costs if you’re interested in tracking a specific trip (with set departure and destination dates).

You can get a sense of the typical pricing if you put up the alerts long in advance, you can recognize a good deal and purchase it. 

Here’s how to set Google Flight alerts so you can track the price of an upcoming flight. 

1.To find flights, enter your travel information.

You can enter up to 7 airports for your departure and destination along with your trip dates to create a flight search as you would normally, and then click “Search.”

2. To track costs for a given route, click the icon

You’ll see a button labeled “Track prices” on the left side of the results page, which we’ve highlighted above.

Turn it on to keep tabs on the costs of all feasible flight alternatives for that route on the chosen dates. By doing this, you’ll be informed if the cost decreases at any, regardless of the airline or particular flight.

Google Flight track Prices

3. Alternatively, head to the results and click to monitor pricing for a particular flight.

If you are certain of the flight you want to take, enter your regular airports and travel dates and click “Search.” Next, choose the precise flights you wish to take by clicking on them as if you were going to make a reservation.

You can click the button (this time it’s on the right side) to watch pricing for this specific route once you get at the page that directs you to the airlines to book.

Here is an illustration of a flight operated by Virgin Atlantic, Air France, and Delta together. You will only receive alerts for this specific route, thus in this situation, if a flight on American were to suddenly become less expensive, you wouldn’t be informed.

Google flight ticket fare

4. Log in or create a Gmail account. 

To set up tracking and receive notifications via email, you must be logged in with a Google account; if you aren’t, you’ll be requested to do so (or to create a Gmail account if you don’t already have one).

5. Check your email. 

The most recent price and the new price for the route or particular flights you’ve monitored will be displayed in the price alert email you get, as in the example below.

An email received from google flights alert

Keep in mind that using Google Flights notifications to discover the best prices has some limits. If your travel dates are more open, you’d need to create hundreds of alerts to cover all the possibilities, even though it’s beneficial if you have a certain flight or established itinerary.

For instance, you would need to choose from dozens of date options if you wanted to travel to the UK at any point in September. And even if there were a fantastic deal to a nearby city, such as Paris or Amsterdam, from where a quick (and inexpensive) local flight might be taken to London, you might still lose out on it.

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