5 Best Reasons to Try Kapsalon, Rotterdam’s Unique Culinary Mashup

5 Best Reasons to Try Kapsalon, Rotterdam's Unique Culinary Mashup

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Here 5 Best Reasons to Try Kapsalon

1.It’s a delicious cultural collision

A Turkish barber in Rotterdam, Netherlands, created the dish known as kapsalon, which combines Moroccan, Turkish, and Dutch flavors. Fries form the base of the dish, which is then topped with grilled meat, döner kebab, shawarma, lettuce, melted cheese, garlic sauce, and sambal sauce. It’s a filling dish that’s tasty and hearty.

2.It’s unique and authentic

You can only get kapsalon in that region of the world. It’s a meal that is exclusively from Rotterdam, and it’s a wonderful opportunity to sample the city’s diverse cuisine.

3.It’s affordable and accessible

At Rotterdam, kap salon is a reasonably priced dish that is served at a large number of eateries and snack bars. It’s a fantastic choice for a quick and simple lunch on the run as well.

4.It’s customizable

Kap salon can be made in a variety of ways so you can make it to your preferences. You can make a dish that’s perfect for you by selecting various meats, sauces, and toppings.

5. It is Delicious!

A particularly excellent meal is kapsalon. It’s impossible to resist the allure of fries with cheese, meat, and sauces. You’ll definitely like this dish.

You must enjoy kap salon if you want a distinctive and mouthwatering gastronomic experience. It’s a dish that will satisfy even the pickiest eater.

The growth of the kapsalon

This dish has indeed assimilated into Dutch culture in the 20 years after it first appeared on El Aviva’s menu. According to meal delivery service Thuisbezorgd, it was one of the most well-liked dishes in the nation for home delivery in 2022 and, in spite of the garlic sauce, it was the most well-liked dish nationally on Valentine’s Day.

Even though kapsalon is now widely consumed throughout the Netherlands, Rotterdam still proudly claims ownership of this cuisine. The kapsalon has been given Authentic Rotterdam Heritage designation by Museum Rotterdam. Due to the way it is built, Rotterdam Central Station is also known as Station Kap salon.

According to Nicole van Dijk, curator at Museum Rotterdam, “We consider this as a unique Rotterdam dish that came into being because individuals from diverse ethnic origins are living and working in the same region.

Therefore, when an Amsterdam shawarma shop sign declared kap salon a “Amsterdam specialty” in 2019, there was a brief verbal exchange between the two towns. Van de Laar expressed his thoughts on the subject to the Dutch daily Het Parool, which, when translated into English, basically said it was a “self-overestimation of the capital city.”

Actually, that was a sincere error. The dish has grown so commonplace that when the proprietor of the Amsterdam shop made his sign, he didn’t really consider where it came from. Even yet, he couldn’t help but poke fun at himself while speaking to TV station AT5: “Maybe you could say: The kap salon comes from Rotterdam, but we make the dish better in Amsterdam.”

In actuality, there aren’t many differences in the dish across the nation or even across borders given that it has territory in both Germany and Belgium. What you see is what you get with kapsalon, just like Gomes requested it 20 years ago.

Where in the Netherlands can I try kapsalon?
Where in the Netherlands can I try kapsalon?

Where in the Netherlands can I try kapsalon?

El Aviva snack bar

The birthplace of the kapsalon. It’s still a prime place to try this Dutch calorie bomb. 

Jaffa Shoarma

If you prefer your kapsalon on a plate rather than scarfing it out of a takeout container, head to this halal shawarma shop and order the golden kap salon.  

In Amsterdam


Located at Javaplein 18 in East Amsterdam, this popular spot doesn’t need a website to drive a line out the door.

Píta at Foodhallen

Foodhallen is a delightful assembly of food stalls in a historic tram station. At Píta, pick up a “reversed” kap salon, where the fries appear on top, and grab a spot at one of the long tables for some great people watching.  

Vegan Junk Food Bar

Sure, this is not traditional—but it is, well, vegan. This mini-chain’s bright colors and graffiti aesthetic make it a fun place to hang out, too.

kapsalon maken


  • 500 gram friet
  • 400 gram shoarmavlees
  • 1 ui
  • 1 komkommer
  • 1 tomaat
  • ijsbergsla
  • 100 gram geraspte kaas
  • 2 eetlepels knoflooksaus
  • 2 eetlepels sambal


  1. Verwarm de oven voor op 200 graden Celsius (boven- en onderwarmte).
  2. Bak de friet volgens de aanwijzingen op de verpakking.
  3. Snijd de ui in dunne ringen.
  4. Snijd de komkommer in plakjes.
  5. Snijd de tomaat in plakjes.
  6. Was de ijsbergsla en scheur deze in stukken.
  7. Bak het shoarmavlees in een koekenpan met een beetje olie goudbruin.
  8. Schep de friet in een ovenschaal.
  9. Verdeel het shoarmavlees over de friet.
  10. Strooi de geraspte kaas over de shoarma.
  11. Bak de kapsalon in ongeveer 10 minuten in de oven, tot de kaas gesmolten is.
  12. Serveer de kapsalon met de ui, komkommer, tomaat, ijsbergsla, knoflooksaus en sambal.


  • Voor een vegetarische kapsalon kun je het shoarmavlees vervangen door vegetarische shoarma of gegrilde groenten.
  • Je kunt de kap salon ook nog versieren met olijven, paprika of pepers.
  • Als je de kapsalon iets milder wilt maken, kun je minder sambal gebruiken.

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