who is taylor swift dating All about clip leads to crazy 24 hours

who is taylor swift dating All about clip leads to crazy 24 hours

who is taylor swift dating?

Taylor Swift is reportedly seeing Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. The two were originally associated in September 2023 after being spotted together at a concert and many other occasions, including a Chiefs game. Attempting to provide Taylor Swift his phone number by handing her a friendship bracelet with the numbers on it, Kelce admitted in July 2023 that he had done so on his podcast.

However, neither Taylor Swift nor Kelce have publicly acknowledged that they are a couple. It’s possible that they are just friends or are hiding their relationship because both have a reputation for keeping their private lives quiet.

It’s also important to note that some sources indicate that Joe Alwyn, Swift’s longtime boyfriend, and she broke up in May 2023. Both parties, though, have yet to corroborate this.

According to BBC news

The “craziest 24 hours of my life,” according to a US journalist who witnessed Taylor Swift leaving the house with her purported new flame.

Taylor Swift was captured on camera by Jarrett Payton after she was seen for the first time on Sunday with Kansas City Chiefs star quarterback Travis Kelce.

Swift and Donna Kelce were in a box during the Chiefs’ home game versus the Chicago Bears.

Former National Football League player Jarrett Payton, who was watching the game, gave himself a goal.

He said on Sunday on X, now known as Twitter, “My goal is to find Taylor Swift before I leave Arrowhead”, referring to the venue that played host to the game.

A few hours later, Mr. Payton delivered on his assurance when he saw the superstar with Chiefs tight end Kelce.

Fortunately for Swifties everywhere, he recorded it. The four-second video, which he uploaded on his X account, has received over 14 million views.

According to Mr. Payton, “I was in the right place at the right time last night,” he told the BBC. “These past 24 hours have been the craziest of my life.”

Swifties online ate up every second of the night show footage that included Swift inside Kelce’s box as he danced, talked to his mother, and cheered for his touchdown.

In apparent solidarity with the artist, some fervent Swift fans—if not football—started trading online advice on how to comprehend the sport.

One user on X inquired, “Do you throw the ball or run with it? Another asked about a particularly hazy term in football lingo, “What is a down?”

With a 41-10 victory at home, the Chiefs put an end to the Bears’ season. Mr. Payton, a reporter for WGN-TV in Chicago, went to the field to speak with some people.

When he was finished, he noticed Swift and Kelce in the bleachers and recognized his opportunity.

You can choose to travel straight or turn right at this point in your life, he remarked.

When Mr. Payton turned straight toward the Chiefs’ locker area, a security officer stopped him.

He was ordered, “Don’t move, stay right here.” He immediately noticed a group approaching him, among them a person Mr. Payton had earlier in the evening seen in a photo with Swift.

They passed by a second and a half after I started recording on my iPhone, he claimed.

Swift is seen in the video giving Mr. Payton a kind hello and leaving him stunned.

“I was at a loss for words! He said, “I was fanboying out.

He was immediately requested by a security agent to remove the footage, which he politely declined.

Taylor Swift may inspire a new set of NFL fans
Taylor Swift may inspire a new set of NFL fans

Mr. Payton is no stranger to celebrity, particularly the prominence associated with American football.

His father, Walter Payton, is considered as one of the all-time great players and was a running back for the Bears. Since his father passed away in 1999, the younger Mr. Payton has been to the Superbowl, football’s biggest night, virtually every year.

But with Swift, the biggest music singer in the world, present on Sunday, he added, even a routine regular-season game felt special.

“Having her there was like being at the Super Bowl. That was the vibe in the building, he added.

The game was all about her.

Mr. Payton is a supporter of this potential romance despite not being a qualified Swiftie, as he claimed.

They appeared to be really content with one another, he remarked.

“She is a megastar, and he is a football hero. I am aware of how difficult it will likely be for them to make this work, but if it is pure love, they will find a solution.

Additionally, Mr. Payton’s own passion for football may receive some additional exposure as a result of Taylor Swift’s participation at an NFL game.

Following Swift’s appearance at the game, NFL partner Fanatics informed ABC News that Travis Kelce’s product sales had increased by approximately 400%, placing him among the top five selling players in the league.

Given that Kelce had previously been pictured with actors Tom Hiddleston and Harry Styles, it is believed that he is the first person other than Brit Swift that the public has been linked to since 2012.

In the Miss Americana documentary from 2020 about her life, the pop sensation also had a romance with actor and songwriting partner Joe Alwyn, which was very briefly depicted.

By singing “God I love the English” in her 2019 song London Boy, she made fun of the trend herself.

Although Taylor Swift’s love life has received a lot of media attention during her career, some fans believe her songs also include hints about her personal life.

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