The Ultimate Midnight Suns Gift Guide: 6 Gifts Your Teammates Will Love

The Ultimate Midnight Suns Gift Guide: 6 Gifts Your Teammates Will Love

In Midnight Suns gift guide, you can visit the Abbey and interact with your favorite characters. By giving them gifts, you can enhance their friendship and unlock new abilities. Each hero in Midnight Suns has specific gifts they enjoy, dislike, and prefer. However, determining which gifts to give can be challenging and time-consuming.

Here’s how you can get and give gifts:

  • You can purchase gifts from the Gift Shop after researching the corresponding project at the Forge. A rotating stock of gifts will be available to purchase each day with Gloss. You can upgrade the Gift Shop to unlock additional rotating slots.
  • You can use Agatha’s cauldron to create gifts using various materials found around the Abbey.
  • Studying Artifacts with Doctor Strange can also grant common gifts.

Here are some of the favorite gifts of a few characters:

  1. Blade: Loved Gifts: A Stoic Companion Candle (Bone), Candle (Freshly Mowed Grass); Liked Gifts: Candle (Grave Dirt), Candle (Leather and Mahogany)
  2. Captain America: Snack Box (Premium MREs)
  3. Captain Marvel: Candle (Jet Fuel)
  4. Doctor Strange: Dealing with Difficult Coworkers
  5. Ghost Rider: Serenity – Calming Your Inner Demon
  6. Iron Man: Tales of Suspense #39

The Ultimate Midnight Suns Gift Guide

The Midnight Sun, a celestial phenomenon that graces select parts of the world, has captivated humanity for centuries. Its ethereal glow, illuminating the skies even in the darkest hours of the night, holds a unique allure. In celebration of this extraordinary natural event, Midnight Sun’s Gift Guide emerges as a beacon of inspiration, offering a curated selection of gifts that echo the radiance of this phenomenon.

Embracing the Allure of Midnight Sun

The Midnight Sun, a natural wonder, occurs in regions situated near the Arctic and Antarctic Circles. During the summer months, these areas experience extended daylight hours, with the sun never truly setting. This phenomenon has deep-rooted cultural significance for the communities that witness its splendor. It symbolizes vitality, renewal, and a sense of wonder that transcends time.

Curated Gifts for the Midnight Sun Experience

In the heart of Midnight Sun’s Gift Guide lies a meticulously curated collection of gifts, each carefully chosen to encapsulate the spirit of this luminous event.

Category 1: Illuminating Keepsakes

These are keepsakes that capture the essence of the Midnight Sun, often incorporating elements like sun motifs, warm hues, and radiant designs. From jewelry to home decor, these gifts radiate with the same brilliance as the Midnight Sun itself.

Category 2: Adventure Essentials

For those who seek to immerse themselves in the embrace of the Midnight Sun, a selection of adventure essentials awaits. These include outdoor gear, travel accessories, and tools designed to enhance the experience of basking in the perpetual daylight.

Category 3: Culinary Delights

Indulge in the flavors of the Midnight Sun with a range of culinary delights. Specialty foods and beverages from regions that witness this phenomenon offer a taste of the magic, allowing you to savor the experience long after the sun has set.

The Art of Choosing the Perfect Gift

Selecting a gift from Midnight Sun’s Gift Guide is an art in itself. Consider the recipient’s preferences, their interests, and the emotions you wish to convey. Personalizing your selection adds a touch of thoughtfulness that transforms a gift into a cherished memory. And fear not, for the guide offers options to suit every budget.

Crafting Lasting Memories with Midnight Sun Gifts

Beyond the materiality of the gifts, lies the opportunity to create lasting memories. Capture the moment when the gift is received, and let it serve as a reminder of the connection you share. Whether it’s a heartfelt conversation or a shared adventure, the gift becomes a vessel for shared experiences.

Navigating the Midnight Sun’s Gift Guide

The user-friendly interface of Midnight Sun’s Gift Guide ensures that your journey in search of the perfect gift is a seamless one. Browsing and filtering options allow you to narrow down choices based on preferences, ensuring that you find a gift that resonates. Customer reviews and recommendations provide valuable insights, guiding you towards a selection that promises delight.

Transforming Moments with Midnight Sun

Gifting is a powerful expression of love, appreciation, and connection. With Midnight Sun’s Gift Guide, you not only offer a tangible token of your affection but also share in the wonder of the Midnight Sun itself. It’s a gesture that transcends boundaries and leaves an indelible mark on relationships.

Marvel midnight suns gift guide

Gifts are a great way to increase your friendship level with the other heroes in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. The better your friendship level, the more powerful they will be in battle and the more likely they are to help you out in other ways.

When choosing a gift for a hero, it is important to consider their personality and interests. Some heroes prefer gifts that are practical, while others prefer gifts that are more personal.

Here is a gift guide for each of the heroes in Marvel’s Midnight Suns:

BladeA Stoic Companion500 Gloss
BladeHuman Anatomy: Volume IV500 Gloss
BladeMagic for Normies500 Gloss
BladePractical Muy Thai500 Gloss
BladeTomb of Dracula #10500 Gloss
Captain AmericaAll the World is a War500 Gloss
Captain AmericaLeadership and Strategy500 Gloss
Captain AmericaThe Art of War500 Gloss
Captain AmericaCandle (Freshly Mowed Grass)250 Gloss
Captain AmericaCandle (Leather and Mahogany)250 Gloss
Captain MarvelThe Unauthorized Biography of Captain Marvel500 Gloss
Captain MarvelWomen in STEM500 Gloss
Captain MarvelThe Book of Leadership and Self-Discovery500 Gloss
Captain MarvelCandle (Beachy Waves)250 Gloss
Captain MarvelCandle (Night into Morning)250 Gloss
Doctor StrangeThe Book of Vishanti500 Gloss
Doctor StrangeThe Ancient One’s Journal500 Gloss
Doctor StrangeThe History of Magic500 Gloss
Doctor StrangeCandle (Bone)250 Gloss
Doctor StrangeCandle (Grave Dirt)250 Gloss
Ghost RiderAll New Ghost Rider #1500 Gloss
Ghost RiderSerenity: Calming Your Inner Demon500 Gloss
Ghost RiderPassion in the Moonlight500 Gloss
Ghost RiderCandle (Beachy Waves)250 Gloss
Ghost RiderCandle (Sports Car Interior)250 Gloss
Iron ManThe Genius of Tony Stark500 Gloss
Iron ManThe Future of Technology500 Gloss
Iron ManThe Art of Innovation500 Gloss
Iron ManCandle (Leather and Mahogany)250 Gloss
Iron ManCandle (Night into Morning)250 Gloss
MagikGrowing Up With Trauma500 Gloss
MagikNineteenth Century Russian Poetry500 Gloss
MagikMusic Box (Transcendental Chimes)500 Gloss
MagikDealing with Difficult Coworkers500 Gloss
MagikMeat Market500 Gloss
Spider-ManThe Amazing Spider-Man #1500 Gloss
Spider-ManThe Science of Superpowers500 Gloss
Spider-ManThe Art of Spider-Man500 Gloss
Spider-ManCandle (Freshly Mowed Grass)250 Gloss
Spider-ManCandle (Sports Car Interior)250 Gloss
WolverineGrowing Up With Trauma500 Gloss
WolverineDealing with Difficult Coworkers500 Gloss
WolverineMeat Market500 Gloss
WolverineCandle (Freshly Mowed Grass)250 Gloss
WolverineCandle (Leather and Mahogany)250 Gloss
Marvel’s Midnight Suns gift guide

Note that these costs are based on the prices of gifts in the Gift Shop. You may be able to find some of these gifts at a lower cost in the Abbey, but they will be less common.

Midnight suns deadpool gift guide

Deadpool is a unique character in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, and he has his own unique preferences when it comes to gifts. Here is a gift guide for Deadpool:

  • Comic Book: New Mutants #98 – This is the first comic book appearance of Deadpool, so it’s a must-have for any fan.
  • Snack Box: Root Beers of Canada – Deadpool is Canadian, so he loves his root beer.
  • Snack Box: World’s Grossest Candy – Deadpool has a strange sense of humor, so he’s sure to appreciate this gift.
  • Candle: Freshly Mowed Grass – Deadpool loves the smell of freshly mowed grass, for some reason.
  • Music Box: Do It With Style – Deadpool is a stylish guy, so he’ll love this music box.

Here are some additional tips for giving gifts to Deadpool:

  • Don’t take yourself too seriously. Deadpool has a great sense of humor, so don’t be afraid to give him a gift that is a bit silly or over-the-top.
  • Be creative. Deadpool loves unique and unusual gifts. Think outside the box and come up with something that he’s sure to love.
  • Don’t be afraid to make fun of him. Deadpool loves to be made fun of, so don’t be afraid to give him a gift that is a bit self-deprecating.

With these tips in mind, you’re sure to find the perfect gift for Deadpool.


Midnight Sun’s Gift Guide is more than a collection of items; it’s an invitation to partake in the magic of the Midnight Sun. Each gift is a conduit for shared experiences, a symbol of enduring connections, and a testament to the enduring allure of this natural phenomenon.


Q1: How can I personalize a gift from Midnight Sun’s Gift Guide?

  • A1: Personalization options are available for select items, allowing you to add a special touch or message.

Q2: Are there budget-friendly options in the guide?

  • A2: Yes, Midnight Sun’s Gift Guide offers a range of options to suit different budgets.

Q3: Can I find gifts suitable for outdoor enthusiasts?

  • A3: Absolutely, Category 2 is dedicated to adventure essentials, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts.

Q4: Are the culinary delights region-specific?

  • A4: Yes, the culinary delights section features specialties from regions that experience the Midnight Sun.

Q5: How do I capture a moment with the gift?

  • A5: Simply be present when the gift is received, and perhaps, document the moment with a photograph.

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