Why is Twitter limiting how many tweets you can see

Why is Twitter limiting how many tweets you can see

Why is Twitter limiting,

Twitter is limiting how many tweets you can see in an effort to discourage data scraping and system manipulation. Data scraping is the practice of automatically collecting large amounts of data from a website, and system manipulation is the practice of artificially inflating or decreasing the number of tweets that a user sees.

Twitter believes that these practices are harmful to the platform because they can be used to spread misinformation, manipulate public opinion, and interfere with elections. By limiting how many tweets a user can see, Twitter hopes to make it more difficult for these practices to take place.

The limits are currently set at 10,000 tweets per day for verified users, 1,000 tweets per day for unverified users, and 500 tweets per day for new unverified users. These limits are applied to both the Home timeline and the Search timeline.

Twitter has said that it plans to review the limits on a regular basis and that it may adjust them based on feedback from users.

Here are some of the reasons why Twitter is limiting how many tweets you can see:

  • To discourage data scraping and system manipulation.
  • To protect users from misinformation and abuse.
  • To improve the quality of the Twitter experience.
  • To make it easier for users to find the tweets that they are interested in.

The limits have been met with mixed reactions from users. Some users have expressed frustration with the limits, while others have said that they understand the need for them. Twitter has said that it will continue to monitor the situation and that it may adjust the limits in the future.

Meta’s Twitter clone?

In any case, there could be different variables at play as well, and it returns to another of his endeavors to diminish Twitter’s dependence on promoting income.

Mr Musk is frantic for individuals to pay for Twitter.

For a really long time, he’s been attempting to push individuals towards Twitter Blue. There’s been some carrot, giving Twitter Blue individuals a blue tick and confirmation, and some stick – eliminating check from clients that don’t pay.

However, Twitter Blue has not fulfilled Elon Musk’s expectations. Individuals aren’t settling up in their droves.

He might be considering a different strategy for getting users to open their wallets. In future, in the event that need admittance to limitless tweets, maybe you’ll need to pay a month to month expense?

However, anything Mr Musk is thinking, one thing is clear. Confining tweets isn’t really great for publicists.

The cutoff points are “amazingly awful” for clients and sponsors previously shaken by the “confusion” at Twitter, Mike Proulx, research chief at Forrester, told Reuters.

This is maybe the most confusing piece of Elon Musk’s limitations. He has as of late employed Linda Yaccarino to be Twitter’s CEO. She’s a previous promoting chief.

She supposedly has bombastic thoughts for how Twitter can get more cash-flow – including full-screen video advertisements and attempting to persuade more big names to utilize the application.

Her occupation is made far more diligently by having confined tweets. Less eyeballs on posts implies sponsors will be less keen on burning through cash.

And afterward there’s Meta.

Mark Zuckerberg is purportedly sending off a Twitter clone, called Strings, sooner or later this mid year. The possibilities that there will be limitations on its feed, on the number of posts you that can peruse, are zero. That isn’t the Meta way.

Elon Musk is a phenomenally effective money manager, and he has a certified problem with regards to computer based intelligence organizations ripping off its information. Yet, this end of the week’s occasions have been another head scratcher.

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