Who among Lizzo, Elton John, and Rick Astley will provide us with “Glastonbury moments” in 2023?

Who among Lizzo, Elton John, and Rick Astley will provide us with "Glastonbury moments" in 2023?

“Why is this picture so bad?” asked country music star Kenny Rogers shortly before the beginning of his Pyramid Stage performance at Glastonbury in 2013.

“Kenny Rogers and Glastonbury? My comfort zone is so far away.”

He was walking like a bird an hour later. He performed Islands In The Stream twice due to the enthusiastic reception he received from the audience.

He added the festival to his list of “top five experiences” later.

Every year, that scene is repeated at Glastonbury. The artist and the audience meet in a magical space between excitement, euphoria, and exhaustion when an unexpected song takes off.

It’s remarkably difficult to foresee… yet, there’s no mischief in attempting, so I plunked down with BBC Radio 1’s Arielle Allowed to distinguish the current year’s true capacity “Glastonbury minutes“.

You can debate our choices on social media while listening to playlists on Spotify, Apple Music, or YouTube (for goodness sake, who has the time?).

The headliners

Arctic Monkeys are headlining the festival for the third time

Mark: Which of the main acts has you looking forward to the most?

Arielle: That’s so difficult. Although Arctic Monkeys are a band I literally grew up with and have adored ever since they launched their MySpace page, I feel compelled to mention Elton John because I may never see him perform live again. Additionally, exciting rumors about special guests keep coming to my attention. I believe he will go all out.

Mark: He has already stated that it will be a completely different set from his current tour; however, he typically concludes with Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, and I anticipate that it will be a very emotional moment given that this may be his final UK performance. Even after he has left the stage, I can still hear that chorus of “ah-ah-ahhhh” resonating throughout the fields.

Arielle: He was performing his own soundcheck on stage at 11 a.m. when I saw him at Bestival. Since the performance is more important to him than anything else, it must be emotional.

Mark: Any guesses as to who will be attending?

Arielle: We’re all hoping for a little Harry Styles, right?

Mark: You selected RU Mine as the band’s most popular song. Why that one?

Arielle: If there is one song that sums up why I adore Arctic Monkeys, this is it. That one is it. It has a lot of life. It’s hot. We’re in if they start with that one.

New discoveries

The Last Dinner Party play before lunchtime on Saturday, but are expected to draw a huge crowd

Mark: The Last Dinner Party are getting a lot of attention. They only had one single when they signed with Island Records, and they are already supporting Florence + The Machine on tour. There is unquestionably a sound similarity there. On Saturday morning, they’ll be the first act on the Woodsies stage, but I think the tent will be packed.

Arielle: Since I had never heard of them, I appreciate you including them on the list. I thought, “When was the last dinner party? That suggests a theater company based on the location.”

Mark: Sincerely, I believe they might be. They’re dressed like the Bridgerton cast, giving the impression of Wednesday Addams.

Arielle: Since I will be hosting the West Holts stage on Saturday, I will have the opportunity to see Gabriels, who are currently my favorite band.

Mark: It was like attending a religious service when I saw them perform on The Park stage last year when nobody really knew who they were. Convinced, they told everyone they had seen the best band of their lives as they left.

Arielle: They make me feel dizzy. Their frontman, Jacob Lusk, is one of the most incredibly charismatic, engaging, and overwhelming performers. I’ve seen them five times. And here’s something else: Leopards in gold.

Mark: Alright, Arielle: Leopards in gold. That is all I’m permitted to say!

Pop classics

Rick Astley has announced a new single in the lead-up to Glastonbury.... but that's not the song people want to hear

Arielle: Everyone will simply wrap their arms around one another and have a good time on Lizzo’s show.

Mark: She is such a positive force.

Arielle: I recall Adele as the headliner. A grandmother, her daughter, and her granddaughter sang Rolling In The Deep at the top of their voices in unison. This, I believe, will be the same.

Mark: We have selected Good as Hell, but it could have been Special, About Damn Time, or Juice.

Arielle: I recall that when Lizzo performed on the West Holts stage in 2019, she stated that she had performed at Glastonbury for the first time in the unsigned artist’s tent, which was 13 years ago. She will now, regardless of how many years have passed, be on the main stage, accompanied by her dancers and flute. When I see artists achieve their goals in that manner, I get really emotional. Probably I’ll cry.

Mark: On Saturday morning, we need to talk about Rick Astley. He could honestly play Never Gonna Give You Up on repeat for an hour and we’d all be happy, and I think people will come just to hear it. The crowd is going to explode.

Arielle: Same for Carly Rae Jepsen. Already, everyone is singing “Call Me Maybe.”

Mark: I have informed the BBC that I will not be working during her performance. I am turning off my phone and entering the mosh pit.

Dance anthems

Nia Archives is at the forefront of a revival in UK jungle

Arielle: She is greatly underrated as a singer. When she performs I Really Like You, I can’t wait.
Mark: We appreciate you selecting the Nia Archives track. What a song!

Arielle: This week, it was my tune of the week on Radio 1, and the audience has been split. I’m not sure if people are really attached to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ original or A-Trak’s remix, but many people have said, “Don’t ruin a classic.” Additionally, I’m on the radio from four to seven o’clock in the morning, so it might not be appropriate at that time.

Mark: It is quite loud.

Arielle: She’s doing her own stage at Glastonbury – Nia Chronicles Presents on Saturday night. That will be fantastic.

Mark: Fred Again really piques my interest. I don’t know he’s that notable however he’s second on the bill on The Other Stage.

Arielle: Oh, I’m not sure. He recently performed at Coachella. In addition, he recently headlined Parklife in Manchester, and every other stage appeared to be empty. Going up against Fred Again just caused the fury of other prominent DJs as well. He is so technical and quick. It’s like watching an hour of a Formula One race.

Mark: Technicolor Kenny, your single, I have to inquire about. It’s a two-year labor of love for the summer… Arielle: It has taken a very long time to get there, but it is now there. The short version is that I was driving to my brother’s wedding when I noticed that our car’s radio was stuck on a yacht rock station. We listened to Kenny Loggins’ I Believe in Love three times, and I thought, “That would make such a good dance track.” Because Annie Mac is my hero, I edited it and sent it to her for feedback; she played it on the radio without telling me. And now we’re here!

Summer vibes

Wizkid headlines the Other Stage - Glastonbury's second-biggest venue - on Friday night

Arielle: I’ll rush to see Loyle Carner headline West Holts when Guns N’ Roses play the Pyramid Stage. It’s going to be such a special time for him.

Mark: This year, did you see his show at Wembley? The show was so powerful and thought-provoking. The staging really brought the story of his album “Hugo,” which is all about his relationship with his father and how it developed over a series of driving lessons, to life. He even had the car on stage—it moved incredibly.

Arielle: The last time he played West Holts, I did see him around four in the afternoon. He brought in Jorja Smith, Ezra Collective, and his mother. He’s extremely trustworthy… Loyal Carner! He enjoys inspiring others, and his new song with Enny is fantastic. I truly trust he welcomes her dramatic. She is such an exceptionally talented rapper.

Mark: The mood of that song is so laid-back and summery. Even though we’ve talked about dancing and sing-alongs, Glastonbury also has a side where you lie back and let the music wash over you as the sun sets. People who may have gone a little too far during the day will, in my opinion, find Lana Del Rey to be the ideal remedy.

Arielle: Essence by Wizkid is a great summertime song. I’ve never seen him before, but I think he’ll be amazing.

Mark: A great review of his tour in the United States stated that he had entered his “rock star era,” with “shirtless serenades and rabid fans.” I’m almost as eager to see that as I am to see Arctic Monkeys, who are also on at the same time.

Arielle: I have no idea what to do about that. I’ll simply need to manage the results of anything that choice I make.

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