Lily Naing Kyaw: Killing of Myanmar singer unnerves pro-military celebrities

Lily Naing Kyaw: Killing of Myanmar singer unnerves pro-military celebrities

The Myanmar singer Lily Naing Kyaw passed away in a Yangon hospital

A week after being shot in the head, the Myanmar singer Lily Naing Kyaw passed away in a Yangon hospital. She was believed to have been killed by gunmen who opposed the military she supported.

Celebrities who collaborate with pro-military media and military supporters alike have been shocked by her death.

The 58-year-old was accused of being an informant for the top junta leaders who seized power in 2021 and plunged the nation into war.

Two men have been captured and blamed for her killing.

They are said to be members of an anti-military urban guerrilla group. In what appeared to be retaliation, two of the men’s relatives had been killed within hours of their arrest.

The killing of Ms. Kyaw is the latest in a string of high-profile supporters of the government.

Tint Lwin, a well-known nationalist and pro-military supporter, was shot and killed in a tea shop in Yangon, the country’s main city, four days before she was attacked. After surviving a shooting last summer, he had gone into hiding.

In Yangon’s Yankin Township, Ms. Kyaw was targeted early in the evening of 30 May while parked outside her house.

After an image of her lying face down in her car was shared on social media, the initial reports stated that she had been killed. She was brought to the hospital in a critical condition, where she remained in a coma until her early death on June 6th. The BBC was informed by her family of her death.

CCTV footage released by the military of a man accused of the shooting

An administration proclamation depicted it as the “unfeeling shooting of a blameless lady”. The killing was condemned in statements issued by seventeen pro-junta organizations. Ma Ba Tha, a Buddhist organization of hardline nationalists, requested enhanced security.

The shooting was allegedly committed by two men who were arrested and are believed to be members of the Special Task Force, a Yangon-based armed resistance organization. CCTV footage helped identify Kaung Zar Ni Hein, one of the men. Different has been named as Kyaw Thura. The military asserts that the suspects have confessed and are currently in custody awaiting trial.

The military have additionally affirmed that noticeable understudy pioneer D Nyein Lynn was behind the shooting.

Kaung Zar Ni Hein’s mother and cousin were shot to death at their home in Yangon on the night of the men’s arrests. A pro-military channel reports that the security forces are “protecting them from gunmen” as his younger brother and younger sister managed to flee.

The report and the identity of the person who attacked the family were not independently confirmed. It has been claimed by no group.

Lily Naing Kyaw with army spokesman General Zaw Min Tun at the Armed Force Day celebrations on 27 March 2023

Naturally introduced to a tactical family, Ms Kyaw hobnobbed with military top of the food chain and was frequently envisioned at true occasions. One of her melodies had turned into the informal signature tune of Myanmar’s water celebration, which commends the New Year.

Ms. Kyaw is said to have been the target because she worked as an informant for the military. She is said to have recorded protesters in her neighborhood banging pots and pans and given the footage to the army, which led to their arrest. Additionally, she had written about young people who were involved in revolutionary forces.

Ms. Kyaw was selected to address CNN and the Southeast Asia Globe during their visit to Myanmar a few months after the February 2021 coup that toppled Aung San Suu Kyi’s elected National Democratic Party (NLD). She let correspondents know that she had been blamed for being a covert operative and that banners denouncing her as a trickster had showed up on light posts close to her home. She also claimed that someone had broken into her house.

“I accept the coup and support the military. The singer told reporters, “But the majority of people in my neighborhood support the NLD and say they want to kill me.” These individuals want to destroy the country.”

According to close sources of the victims, she was shunned by some public figures because she would tell the pro-military Telegram channel which celebrities were joining anti-coup protests so they could be arrested.

A renowned musician, Aung Naing San, who is a favorable to a majority rules government ally, had been entangled in a well established web-based entertainment column with Ms Kyaw. After liking the photo of her lying in her car, he was arrested last week. “Death is sad, but because there is personal hurt and hatred I clicked satisfied,” he wrote on Facebook on June 1. In 2009, the two ex-friends broke up, and he had criticized Ms. Kyaw for backing the coup.

After responding to, commenting on, or sharing social media posts about Ms. Kyaw’s shooting, at least six more people have been arrested. The majority were accused of violating section 505(a), a law that outlaws incitement against the military and fake news.

Fear has spread to other celebrities who support the government in Myanmar. Some of them have said they won’t support the military anymore because they don’t feel safe and that gunmen could come to their door at any time. According to close sources, they are cautioning one another to exercise caution when using social media and to maintain a low profile.

Paing Takhon is a model and actor with millions of fans

One performer made up for lost time in Myanmar’s political minefield is Paing Takhon, a model and entertainer who was condemned to three years in 2021 for joining the counter overthrow fights. He was delivered ahead of schedule in the wake of consenting to team up with the military, yet is presently being boycotted subsequent to performing for them during the water celebration in April.

Under the trailer for his upcoming film, Rent Boy, irate social media users posted comments. Some blamed him for selling out, others posted “disgrace on you” and “Paing Takhon isn’t Myanmar individuals’ legend any more and he is working together with the ruthless military junta now”. The actor replied to his 2.8 million followers by stating that fighting was the reason Myanmar was not progressing, but his post was quickly removed.

In the month of April, a rapper by the name of Yone Lay, which translates to “Little Bunny,” was confronted by a man who was armed with a knife while he was dining in a restaurant in Yangon. Despite the attack, the rapper managed to escape without suffering any injuries. On his virtual entertainment account he said that caring the military was not equivalent to despising non-military associations. ” Extremism irritates me. He wrote, “I really want everyone to be peaceful and united.” He has been accused of being a military informant, like Ms. Kyaw.

Celebrities who criticize the government have been targeted in the interim.

Last month rapper Byu Har was captured for “upsetting the harmony” and “spreading publicity” after he ridiculed the junta for consistent blackouts. His dad, the renowned arranger Naing Myanmar, composed the tune Kabar Mama Kyay Buu, signifying “We will not be fulfilled for the rest of the world”, which was the song of devotion of Myanmar’s 1988 favorable to a majority rules system development and is currently sung at fights the 2021 upset.

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