Robert Hanssen: In a Colorado prison, a dead US spy was discovered.

Robert Hanssen: In a Colorado prison, a dead US spy was discovered.

Robert Hanssen was found at a most extreme security office in Florence, Colorado, on Monday morning.

A FBI specialist turned-Russian mole who is famous as quite possibly of the most harming spy in US history has been tracked down dead in jail.

More than $1.4 million in cash, diamonds, and money deposited into Russian accounts were given to Robert Hanssen, 79. His case was worked on by 300 agents.

For espionage, he received a 2002 life sentence.

Prior to his arrest, Robert Hanssen shared a modest four-bedroom home in suburban Virginia with his wife and six children.

Because of his role in counterintelligence, he had access to classified information. In 1985, he began sending material to Russia and the former Soviet Union for criminal purposes.

Robert Hanssen, who joined the FBI on January 12, 1976, communicated with his handlers under the alias “Ramon Garcia.”

“compromised numerous human sources, counterintelligence techniques, investigations, dozens of classified US government documents, and technical operations of extraordinary importance and value,” as stated on the website of the FBI, is what the agency says he did.

He wasn’t caught for years, even though his odd behavior occasionally sparked suspicion.

The FBI started its investigation into Robert Hanssen in response to the realization that classified information was still being leaked after the spy Aldrich Hazen Ames was arrested in 1994.

The FBI acted quickly in an effort to catch him “red handed” because he was scheduled to retire.

Debra Evans Smith, a former deputy assistant director of the Counterintelligence Division, stated, “What we wanted to do was get enough evidence to convict him, and the ultimate aim was to catch him in the act.”

He was given a fictitious assignment to entice him back to the FBI headquarters for more intensive surveillance.

In January 2001,Robert Hanssen started working in his brand-new office at FBI headquarters, which had hidden cameras and microphones.

Investigators found out a month later that he was supposed to make a dead drop in a park.

According to the Central Intelligence Agency, a dead drop is when one person leaves material for another person to later pick up at a predetermined location.

On February 18, 2001, Robert Hanssen took a plastic bag full of classified materials to Foxstone Park in Virginia.

He was arrested as he returned to his vehicle after the FBI had previously observed him frequenting the park.

He asked FBI agents, “What took you so long?” during his arrest.

He let investigators know that the FBI security was disgraceful, yet he coordinated to keep away from capital punishment.

Hanssen lived in a modest four-bedroom house in suburban Virginia

His arrest shocked his friends and neighbors, who described him as quiet and unassuming.

It was said that he was a strict father who restricted his children’s access to television and drove them to mass every Sunday in a van that was 10 years old.

However, a sexual obsession hid behind this facade. Hanssen showed a friend pornographic videos of his wife that he had secretly recorded.

CBS News, the US partner of the BBC, reported that he would frequent strip clubs where he attempted to convert strippers to Catholicism during his arrest.

Additionally, he would share naked photos of his wife and sexually explicit stories about them online.

Subsequent to experiencing childhood in Chicago, he said in a letter contained in a FBI testimony that he was propelled by the English covert operative, Kim Philby.

“I settled on this course when I was 14 years of age,” he kept in touch with his Russian controllers, as per the affirmation.

He was found guilty of 15 counts of espionage and given a life sentence without the possibility of parole in May 2002.

In addition to al-Qaeda terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui and Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, ADX Florence is one of the most secure federal prisons in the country.

A reason for death presently can’t seem to be affirmed.

Robert hanssen wife

Robert Hanssen’s wife is Bonnie Hanssen. Bonnie and Robert Hanssen were married in 1968 and have six children together. Bonnie Hanssen has maintained a relatively low profile and has largely stayed out of the public eye following her husband’s arrest and conviction for espionage.


There have been several documentaries and films made about Robert Hanssen, the former FBI agent turned spy. One notable documentary is “The Spy Next Door: The Robert Hanssen Story,” which aired on the A&E Network in 2002. This documentary explores Hanssen’s life, his espionage activities, and the impact of his actions on national security.

Another documentary is “Hanssen: Anatomy of a Spy,” released in 2010. This documentary provides an in-depth look into Robert Hanssen’s life and the events leading up to his arrest. It features interviews with former colleagues, FBI agents, and experts on espionage.

It’s worth noting that these documentaries may not be readily available or accessible, as their availability can vary depending on your location and the platforms on which they are hosted. However, you may be able to find them through online streaming services, documentary film websites, or by searching for them on DVD or Blu-ray.

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